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Biographical Sketches

Biographies collected from various sources or studies written myself about different people. They are indexed here by State and County, then by surname.

Indiana – Dearborn County

Conaway, Hamilton

Indiana – Delaware County

Davis, Matthew

Indiana – Henry County

Fleming, William R

Indiana – Orange County

Biographies from Goodspeed’s History of  Orange County, several sketches of Orange County Pioneers

Bennett, George

Elledge, Zachariah

Kansas – Butler County

Joseph, James

Ohio – Adams County

Hannah, William

Moore, Oscar F.

Patterson, John

Thomas, James Baldwin

Ohio – Belmont County

Conaway, Henry D.

Ohio – Clinton County

Moore, William Davis

Ohio – Hamilton County

Elledge, Russell Oran Sr

Ohio – Highland County

Pittser, Lewis (Pitzer)

Ohio – Knox County

Blubaugh, Benjamin

Blubaugh, John J

Braddock, James

Bradfield, James W

Colopy Family – Joseph, Timothy, Jonathan and Huldah

Durbin, Benjamin

Durbin, Charles Wright

Durbin Family – Short Sketches of Several Durbins of Knox County

Durbin, Henry P

Durbin, John C

Durbin, Raphael

King, Lawrence

Lockwood, Ira L

Logsdon, Frank

McGinley, James

McGinley Wilson F.

Sapp Family Bios – Jonathan, Robert, Calvin, James, William G

Sapp, George

Sapp, William and Dwight

Swingle, Chris

West Virginia – Clay County

Frame, Mortimer F.

West Virginia – Harrison County

Clelland, C. M. Dr.

Thomas M. Hood

Hursey, Walter Sangston

West Virginia – Marion County

Conaway, Calvin D.

Conaway, Grafton Stump

Conaway “Big John”

Conaway, Lydia (married John Hawkins)

Conaway, Waitman

Fisher, John Captain

Fleming, Andrew D.

Fleming, Aretas Brooks, Gov.

Higinbotham, Charles

Miller, Thomas Condit

Nichols Family

Orr Family – John, Hiram, Morgan D.

Smith, Henry F.

Swisher, C. W.

Vandervort Family, Paul, James, Emery M., Jacob S.

Watson Family, James, James Otis, James Greene, William, James E, Clarence W, Albert T, Sylvanus Lamb

Watson, S. L.

Yost, DeLaniel and Fielding

West Virginia – Monongalia County

Arnett Family

Fleming, William


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  1. I am Margaret Minverva Poole’s grandaughter. I am interested in any information that you have regarding family geneology.

    Comment by erin hunt | March 1, 2010 | Reply

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