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The Swan and the Drake

There is always time for a love poem, and for me, that means my wife Renee.

the bridge to my heart...

the bridge to my heart...

The Swan and the Drake

You sustain me,

You sustain me through tribulations,

through trouble and trials

when no other can.

Thus vast yet empty

I walk naked

And alone in the night.

I step into ether

And am two-as-one,

The joy of the crowning find,

The chalice.

Rises the white bird of my soul and hers

From hopes and smoke

And words flung into electrons,

I am phoenix’d.

Flys she with me,

South –

From the stark white life,

Warm –

She learns to swim,

The swan and the drake.


: I love you

I love you

I am.. .amazed by you

In so many ways.. .



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Wedding Ring : Symbol of Eternity

A Ring

A Ring

This little poem was written when Dixie and I became engaged. It is very short but perhaps my favorite poem of all.

The Ring

A ring is but a sign of love

A token of esteem

The symbol of eternity

The circle of the ring.

©1990, Chuck Elledge


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