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Balizet Wedding Announcement Stark County Ohio

The Louisville Herald, 12 Oct 1916, pg 1 col 2.

Wedding bells rang merrily at St. Louis Catholic church Tuesday morning, and many persons were assembled to witness the performance of the ceremony which united in marriage Miss Mary Beuchat and Mr. Clement Zwick and Miss Blanche Balizet and Mr. Alexander Zwick, the grooms being brothers. The first mentioned persons were attended by Miss Josephine Zwick, a niece of the groom, and Mr. Bernard Beuchat, the bride’s brother, and the latter’s attendants were Miss Charlotte Balizet, the bride’s sister, and Mr. Leander Zwick, a brother of the groom. The flower girls were the little Misses Catherine and Josephine Beuchat, who were dressed in white and carried baskets of roses.

The brides wore handsome gowns of white pussy willow taffeta, with veils and carried bouquets of white roses. Miss Zwick and Miss Balizet were gowned in pink crepe de chene and carried bouquets of pink roses. The procession was a beautiful one as it passed down the aisle of the church to the altar, where the ceremony was performed. During the offertory, Miss Wilda Menegay sang “Ave Maria” and at the communion, “O Lord I Am Not Worthy.” Miss Menegay has a beautiful voice and both selections were well rendered.

After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Clement Zwick went to the home of the bride where a breakfast was served to the members of the family and a few friends and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Zwick were served a breakfast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balizet of Cottage ave.

Mrs. Clement Zwick is a daughter of Joseph P. Beuchat and Mrs. Alexander Zwick is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balizet. Both are charming young ladies and have many friends. The grooms are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Marx Zwick and they are industrious and estimable young men. They were the recipients of numerous presents, with congratulations and best wishes from their friends. They are visiting with friends in Michigan for a few days. Upon their return, Mr. and Mrs. Clement Zwick will reside at the home of J. P. Beuchat and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Zwick will make their home for a time with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balizet and later expect to locate in Alliance. The grooms, with their brother, George Maloney, are the proprietors of the Star Motor Car Company.


Blanche was the daughter of Joseph and Emelia Balizet. She married Alexander S. Zwick ( 1893-1965) in a double ceremony with his brother Clement and Mary Beuchat.

Blanche and Alex did not have children. However, they did raise Richard Beuchat after the death of his mother, Charlotte Beuchat.

They lived in Canton and Alex had a part in a Chevrolet dealership with his brother Lee and his half-brother, George Maloney. Alex managed the body shop until the depression when they had to liquidate some of it. George bought them out for a small payment. Alex then worked for Hercules until he retired. ( Clement had managed the body shop and Bernard Beuchat had managed the sales office of the Louisville dealership.)

Blanche outlived Alex by three years. She is buried in St. Louis Church Cemetery next to her husband and his brother and wife. They are buried in the same order as they stood at the altar when they married.


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