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Conway – Fleming Virginia Bios

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Conway, Edwin, son of Edwin Conway and Sarah Walker, daughter of Lieutenant- Colonel John Walker, was born in 1682, was lieutenant-colonel of the militia of Lancaster county and a burgess from 1710 to 1758; vestryman of Christ Church and St. Mary’s White Chapel. He died October 3, 1763, leaving issue, Peter and other children.

Conway, Major Peter, was the son of Colonel Edwin Conway and his wife, Anne Ball. He married (first) Elizabeth Spann, of Northumberland; (second) Elizabeth Lee, of the same county. He was a justice of Lancaster county in 1742; burgess from Lancaster in the assembly of 1748-1749. He died in 1/53.

Fleming, John, Jr., son of Colonel John Fleming, was a lawyer, and represented Cumberland county in the house of burgesses in the assemblies of 1755. 1756-1758. 1759-1761, 1761-1765 and 1765-1768. The “Virginia Gazette” recorded the death of this “eminent practitioner of the law,” January 21, 1767. He left a son John. [He married Susannah Skelton and was the grandson of Charles Fleming]

Fleming, John, was son of Charles Fleming and Susannah Tarleton, his wife. He was colonel commanding the militia of Goochland, and burgess for Goochland in 1732. He married Mary Bolling, and his will recorded in Cumberland, December 27, 1756, names sons John, Charles, Thomas. Richard and William, and daughters Mary, married William Bernard, and Caroline. His sons Charles and Thomas were prominent officers in the American revolution and his son William was judge of the superior court of Virginia. [His father Charles was the son of John or Thomas – there is argument about which, both sons of Captain Alexander Fleming and Elizabeth Anderson, Alexander was a son of John Fleming, Earl of Wigton and Margaret Livingston, the common ancestor of the West Virginia Flemings and the Virginia line. Alexander may have been the first Fleming immigrant as well, although absolutes about who was first are difficult to ascertain with certainty. Also note that it has never been positively proven that Alexander was indeed the son of John and Margaret Livingston. Circumstantial evidence and family tradition seem to support this lineage, though.]

Fleming, Robert, was a burgess from Caroline county in the session of August 5, 1736. In the session of November 1, 1738, John Martin represented Caroline county in place of Robert Fleming, deceased. [Capt. Robert Fleming, of Caroline county, one of the representatives in Assembly, died last week.  Feb. 10, 1737-’38. Notice in the “Virgnia Gazette”. Some researchers claim he is son of William and grandson of Alexander and Elizabeth Anderson Fleming. Others list him  as the son of Charles and Susannah Fleming. Neither is proven by documentary evidence]


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