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Chapter 5 Alexander Fleming, son of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 5

page 119

Ralph Dustin Fleming (3-1-9-6), born June 17, 1909, married Garnet Munday, daughter of John Munday, December 20, 1928, and lives at 423 Ann St., Parkersburg.

Austin Monroe Fleming (3-1-10), born August 9, 1877, married Mary Belle Armstrong, daughter of Thomas Armstrong, November 15, 1898,
and lives at 1200 Quincy St., Parkersburg. His only child is Sadie Catharine.

Sadie Catharine Fleming (3-1-10-1), born August 24, 1906, married Queen Mack Fox, son of Jack J. Fox, November 4, 1927, lives at 2603 Murdock Ave., Parkersburg, and has one child, Eleanor June.

Caroline Fleming (3-2), born December 27, 1827, married Lemuel Jones, January 8, 1846, and lived at Fairmont. She died on the 8th of May, 1880. Children: (1) Festus Riley; (2) Ulysses Grant; (3) Henry Elmus; (4) Sarah Ellen; (5) Mary Elizabeth; and (6) Fleming.

Festus Riley Jones (3-2-1), born May 24, 1847, served in Company P, 6th W. Va. Volunteers, in the Civil War. He died on the 18th of August, 1912. He was married but had no children.

Ulysses Grant Jones (3-2-2) died single at Washington, Pennsylvania, when he was about 20 years old.

Henry Elmus Jones (3-2-3), born December 14, 1854, married Jennie White, June 30, 1877. She died on the 14th of April, 1881; and he afterwards married Rose Farley. He died on the 30th of July, 1895. His last wife died in 1922. Children: (1) Maude Mae; and (2) Frank.

Maude Mae Jones (3-2-3-1), born November 8, 1878, married Dolph Frazier, March 12, 1899, and lives at Sharon, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Claude William; (2) Francis Vaughn; (3) Harry Edgar; and (4) Helen Mae.

Claude William Frazier (3-2-3-1-1), born September 13, 1901, is single and lives at Beaumont, Texas.
Francis Vaughn Frazier (3-2-3-1-2), born May 5, 1903, married Geneva Jones, daughter of Isaac Jones, June 7, 1925, and lives at Sharon, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Phyllis Jean; and (2) Robert Vaughn.

Harry Edgar Frazier (3-2-3-1-3), born September 30, 1905, married Ruth Louise Anderson, daughter of L. J. Anderson, January 16, 1925,
lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and has one child, Donald Edgar.

Helen Mae Frazier (3-2-3-1-4), born April 22, 1911, married Nevin F. Baliver, son of Fred Baliver, September 1, 1931, and lives in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Frank Jones (3-2-3-2), born about 1888, was reported to be living at 1219 East 59th St., Los Angeles, California, in 1931. He is married and has several children.

Sarah Ellen Jones (3-2-4), born April 7, 1857, married David C. Vester, son of John F. Vester, June 20, 1877, and lives at 1010 East Maiden St., Washington, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Nellie Caroline;

page 120

(2) Mary Helena; (3) Sarah Gertrude; (4) Nancy Beatrice; (5) David Milton; (6) Frederick William; (7) Hazel May; <8> Bryan Stewart; and (9) John Wilson.

Nellie Caroline Vester (3-2-4-1), born October 23, 1878, married George B. Mosley, son of Thomas Mosley, February 19, 1903, lives at Washington, Pennsylvania, and has no children.

Mary Helena Vester (3-2-4-2), born October 28, 1880, married Simon C. Hamilton, son of James Hamilton, November 20, 1907, and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her husband died in March, 1923. No chil­dren.

Sarah Gertrude Vester (3-2-4-3), born February 28, 1882, was single in 1931.

Nancy Beatrice Vester (3-2-4-4), born April 11, 1884, married Charles W. Young, son of Joseph Young, January 23, 1917, lives at Washington, Pennsylvania, and has no children.

David Milton Vester (3-2-4-5), born August 12, 1886, married Eliza­beth M. Donald, daughter of George Donald, August 22, 1907, and lives at 402 E. Bridge St., Blackwell, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Gertrude Beatrice; and (2) Donald William.

Frederick William Vester (3-2-4-6), born August 6, 1888, married Minnie Blake, daughter of George Blake, October 30, 1912, lives at Washington, Pennsylvania, and has one child, Mary Virginia.

Hazel May Vester (3-2-4-7), born October 5, 1890, married Glenn O. Eakin, son of Ambrose Eakin, October 19, 1912, and lives at Washington, Pennsylvania. Her husband died on the 27th day of January, 1922. Children: (1) Sarah Elizabeth; (2) Helen Vester; and (3) Barbara Jane.

Bryan Stewart Vester (3-2-4-8), born March 20, 1896, served in Com­pany B, 306th Motor Truck Division, during the World War. He married Mildred Frances Mooney, daughter of Thomas Mooney, November 11, 1919, and lives at Washington, Pennsylvania. His only child, Mary Margaret, died in infancy.

John Wilson Vester (3-2-4-9), born April 24, 1898, married Bertha Olive Calvert, daughter of Jonathan Calvert, March 28, 1917, and lives at Washington, Pennsylvania. During the World War he served in Troop F, First Cavalry. Children: (1) Sarah Ellen; (2) Emma Marie; (3) Pauline Jaqueline, died in infancy; (4) John David; (5) Robert Lincoln; (6) Charles Richard; and (7) Dolores Jean.

Mary Elizabeth Jones (3-2-5), born June 11, 1861, married Patrick Monaghan, son of Patrick Monaghan, June 20, 1879. For her second husband she married John Davidson, son of John Davidson, October 10, 1894, and lives at 131 N. Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Katherine Frances Monaghan; and (2) Helen Virginia Davidson.

Katherine Frances Monaghan (3-2-5-1), born February 25, 1882, married John Kiferle, son of John Otto Kiferle, September 4, 1902, and

page 121

lives at 131 N. Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Elizabeth Frances; and (2) John Rudolph, died in childhood. Elizabeth Frances Kiferle (3-2-5-1-1), born November 1, 1906, married Elvert Charles Evans, son of Ellsworth Evans, February 22, 1926, and has one child, John Kiferle.

Helen Virginia Davidson (3-2-5-2), born April 12, 1899, married Harry Ward Humphreys, son of John James Humphreys, June 21, 1921, and lives at 3226 Middletown Road, Corliss Station, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Jane Elizabeth; (2) Richard Davidson; (3) Marjorie Anne; (4) Howard George; and (5) David John.

Fleming Jones (3-2-6), born April 12, 1863, went with the Marsena Davis family to Oxford, Benton County, Indiana, when he was a youth and trace of him has been lost.

Darius Fleming (3-3), born April 10, 1830, married Mary Chamberlain, daughter of Josiah Chamberlain, March 20, 1851. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War, having enlisted in Company E, 7th W. Va. Infantry, April 6, 1865, and being mustered out on the 9th of the following July. His first wife died on the 1st of June, 1898; and he afterwards, December 8, 1898, married Minnie G. Lavelle. He made his home at Monongah. His death occurred on the 4th of August, 1906. His last wife was still living at Monongah in 1930. Children: (1) Sarah Caroline, died at 11; (2) Elizabeth May; (3) Mary Emma; (4) Florence Reed; (5) Hannah Trophina; and (6) George Josiah.


Elizabeth May Fleming (3-3-2), born March 16, 1854, married Ezra H. Cochran, son of John Cochran, March 18, 1875, and lived at Keystone, Indiana, till her death on the 21st of September, 1892. Her husband was living at Keystone in 1932. Children: (1) Estella Virginia, (2) Edgar Darius; (3) Elva Mary; (4 and 5) infant twins, boy and girl, died at birth; (6) Esta Louise; (7) Emma Retta; and <8> infant daughter, died at birth.

page 122

Estella Virginia Cochran (3-3-2-1), born January 18, 1876, married Christian Flaugh in 1902 and lived at Montpelier, Indiana, till her death on the 3rd day of February, 1914. Her only child is Francis Joseph.

Francis Joseph Flaugh (3-3-2-1-1), born October 14, 1903, married Roxie Locke, daughter of Daniel Locke, in October, 1925, and lives at 1514 Jackson Ave., Portsmouth, Ohio. Children: (1) Francis Joseph; and (2) Daniel Locke.

Edgar Darius Cochran (3-3-2-2), born March 4, 1880, married Catharine Burke Black, daughter of Francis Marion Black, September 6, 1905, and lives at Keystone, Indiana. He served as a private in Company G, 29th Infantry, United States Army, from May 6, 1901, till May 5, 1904, and was in the Philippine Islands part of that time, taking part in the expedition of Surigao in 1903. During the World War he was a captain of Liberty Guard, Company 99, Indiana Militia, and has been a rural mail carrier at Keystone since 1905. Children: (1) Melvin Russell, deceased; (2) Mary Elizabeth; (3) Eula Burnette; (4) Naomi Belle, deceased; (5) Edgar Burke; and (6) Ernest Hubert.

Mary Elizabeth Cochran (3-3-2-2-2), born April 1, 1908, is a talented musician, having won the first prize in a musical contest for Wells County on the piano in 1926. She married Vernon C. Cobbum, son of Orlando Cobbum, May 12, 1926, lives at Bluffton, Indiana, and has one child, Brooks Cochran.

Elva Mary Cochran (3-3-2-3), born September 4, 1883, married Ellsworth R. Burnett, son of Robert W. Burnett, in January, 1923, and lives at 7700 Sioux Ave., Chicago.

Esta Louise Cochran (3-3-2-6), born February 8, 1887, married Samuel W. Booher, son of John Booher, May 28, 1916, lives at 3247 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, and has no children.

Emma Retta Cochran (3-3-2-7), born February 22, 1890, married Richard Russell, son of Richard Russell, October 6, 1914, lives at 6700 Sioux Ave., Chicago, and has one child, Eugene Richard.

Mary Emma Fleming* (3-3-3) died single at Monongah.

Florence Reed Fleming (3-3-4), born about 1859, married Frank Graves and lived at Monongah. She died on the 15th of June, 1891. Children: (1) infant son, died at birth; (2) Jessie May, died at 11; (3) Arthur Franklin; (4) Frederick Pierce; and (5) Mary Elizabeth.

Arthur Franklin Graves (3-3-4-3), born May 13, 1882, was living near Clarksburg some years ago. His wife’s name was Lola J. No further record.

Frederick Pierce Graves (3-3-4-4), born July 29, 1884, married Elsie Meredith. They had one son, Howard William, born at Monongah, July 19, 1909. After the death of his first wife he married again and was living a few years ago at Parkersburg. No further record.

* In the Nathan Fleming family she is the third child of the third child for five generations. Another one of the same class is Charles H. Watson (Chap. XIX).

page 123

Mary Elizabeth Graves (3-3-4-5), born September 23, 1886, married Clyde Carlton Ice, son of Deramus Kleber Ice, August 21, 1903. He was killed in a railroad accident on the 18th of February, 1913; and she afterwards, February 5, 1916, married Frank Bennett, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Gerald Ice, died in infancy; (2) Helen Ice; (3) Mary Ice, died in infancy; (4) Virginia Ice; (5) Hazel Ice; (6) infant son, Bennett, died in infancy; (7) Howard Pierce Bennett; <8> Marion Reed Bennett; (9) Ruth Bennett; and (10) infant son, Bennett, died in infancy. (See 2-2-1-2-1 in Chapter IV and 1-5-5 in Chapter XI.)

Virginia Ice (3-3-4-5-4) married Benjamin Ward Shaver, son of William Shaver. (See 2-4-7 in this chapter.)

Hannah Trophina Fleming (3-3-5), born September 5, 1861, married Daniel Tucker Fleming, son of James Fleming. (See 1-9 in this chapter.)
George Josiah Fleming (3-3-6), born August 28, 1864, married Fannie L. Lavelle, daughter of William Lavelle, October 10, 1886, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Edward Chamberlain; (2) Elizabeth Martha; (3) Winifred Grace; (4) William Harrison; (5) Bonnie Irene; (6) Howard Darius; and (7) Fred Douglass.

Edward Chamberlain Fleming (3-3-6-1), born September 15, 1887, married Sadie A. Cunningham, daughter of Norval Cunningham, April 9, 1912, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Georgia; (2) Harry; (3) Harold; (4) Earl; and (5) Jack.
Elizabeth Martha Fleming (3-3-6-2), born May 18, 1889, married Willie Alton McLaughlin, son of George McLaughlin, February 25, 1907, and lives at Monongah. Her husband died on the 5th day of December, 1926. Children: (1) Doris Lee; (2) Alton Fleming; and (3) Billy Hamlin.

page 124

Winifred Grace Fleming (3-3-6-3), born July 6, 1891, married Harold Fortner, son of Harry Fortner, October 25, 1907, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) James Alton; (2) Harold; (3) Laura Lee, deceased; (4) Jean Ireta; and (5) Jackie.
William Harrison Fleming (3-3-6-4), born November 19, 1892, married Ethel Spragg, daughter of Lorenzo Spragg, September 28, 1915, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Made Irene, died in childhood; and (2) William Harrison, Jr.

William Harrison Fleming, Jr. (3-3-6-4-2), born February 16, 1919, married Men Houchins, July 8, 1939.

Bonnie Irene Fleming (3-3-6-5), born November 9, 1895, married Lewis Hughes, son of Carl D. Hughes, October 29, 1927, lives at Monongah, and has no children.

Howard Darius Fleming (3-3-6-6), born August 14, 1900, married Vada Moran, daughter of Mack Moran, October 22, 1925, lives at Monongah, and has no children.
Fred Douglass Fleming (3-3-6-7), born April 5,1902, married Hazel Cleavenger daughter of Zack Cleavenger September 1 1926 and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Fred Douglass, Jr.; and (2) Barbara Ann.

Calvin Luther Fleming (3-7), born on the 8th day of June, 1839, married Mary Ann Cox, daughter of Daniel H. Cox, October 24, 1860, and lived on Locust Ave., Fairmont, till his death on the 8th day of September, 1880. His wife died on the 25th day of October, 1919. Children: (1) Sarah Jane; (2) Alice Cary; (3) Francis Marion; (4) Lucy
Mary; and (5) Larney Brooks.

Sarah Jane Fleming (3-7-1), born November 26, 1861, married William L. Nuzum, son of John Nuzum, September 6, 1883, and lives in Fairmont. Her husband died on the 27th day of January, 1895. Children: (1) George Cameron, deceased; and (2) Will Palmer.

Will Palmer Nuzum (3-7-1-2), born August 7, 1888, married Hester Miller Atwater, September 2, 1925, and lives in New York City. His only child is Will Palmer, Jr.

Alice Cary Fleming (3-7-2), born October 24, 1862, married Sherman G. Sherrard, son of Henry Sherrard, June 29, 1887, and lives at 911 Hawthorn St., Fairmont. Her husband died on the 16th day of October, 1913. Her only child is Lester Calvin.

Lester Calvin Sherrard (3-7-2-1), born October 14, 1889, married Anna Gertrude Webb and has one child, Loretta Virginia.

Loretta Virginia Sherrard (3-7-2-1-1) married David Coffman, lives in Cumberland, Maryland, and has one child, Pamelia Ann.

Francis Marion Fleming (3-7-3), born July 21, 1866, married Agnes C. Ryan, November 22, 1887, and lives in Fairmont, Children: (1) Fanibel; (2) Clara Eliza; and (3) Mary Frances.

Fanibel Fleming (3-7-3-1), born January 8, 1890, married William C.

page 125

Hawkins, son of William Hawkins, June 2, 1910, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Children: (1) Robert Fleming; and (2) William Carroll.

Clara Eliza Fleming (3-7-3-2), born October 4, 1893, married John G. Gross, son of George Gross, November 29, 1917, and lives at No. 1 Fleming Court, Fairmont. Children: (1) Frank Fleming; and (2) Jack Avery.

Mary Frances Fleming (3-7-3-3), born December 20, 1902, married D. Avery Ash, son of W. F. Ash, June 22, 1922, and lives at 704 Locust Ave., Fairmont.

Lucy Mary Fleming (3-7-4), born September 1, 1869, married William M. Pearse, son of William M. Pearse, December 20, 1887, and lived at Newark, Ohio, till her death on the 31st of July, 1926. Children: (1) Frederick Sites; and (2) Charles Roland.

Frederick Sites Pearse (3-7-4-1), born February 18, 1889, married for his first wife Minnie Phillips, daughter of Samuel Phillips, February 11, 1913. She died on the 23rd day of November, 1918; and he after­wards, August 12, 1919, married Minnie Blackburn, daughter of William P. Blackburn. They live near Zanesville, Ohio, on Newark Road, R. F. D. No. 2. No children.

Charles Roland Pearse (3-7-4-2), born September 7, 1892, married Golda Mae Campbell, daughter of John Campbell, February 13, 1920, lives at 312 North St., Auburn, Indiana, and has no children.

Larney Brooks Fleming (3-7-5), born September 26, 1870, died single on the 3rd of July, 1893. He was killed in a railroad accident.

Harriet Fleming (3-8), born August 27, 1842, married Benjamin Closson and lived near Fairmont. She died without children on the 4th of August, 1865.

Festus Riley Fleming (3-9), born February 14, 1845, first married Sallie Clark. After her death he married Mrs. Mary Melissa Clayton, April 10, 1882, and lived near Fairmont. He died on the 29th of June, 1920. His only child was Riley Clark.

Riley Clark Fleming (3-9-1), born about 1872, married Oscea A. Bowman, daughter of Joseph V. Bowman, April 5, 1907, and lived at Washington, Pennsylvania. He died on the 6th of August, 1917; his wife, on the 8th of September, 1915. Children: (1) Carl Clark; and (2) Sarah Marian.

Laura Fleming (3-10), born October 25, 1849, married Francis M. Miller and lived near the old homestead in Marion County. She died on the 11th of May, 1918; her husband, on the 2nd of August, 1904. Chil­dren: (1) Blanche Beatrice, died in childhood; (2) Ida Virginia; (3) Phoebe Ann; (4) Jasper Lee; (5) Henry Columbus; and (6) Marion Shelby.

Ida Virginia Miller (3-10-2), born March 2, 1873, married L. W. Tenney, December 16, 1897, and died on the 9th of July, 1900.

page 126

Phoebe Ann Miller (3-10-3), born October 12, 1876, married Ira McCann, January 22, 1898, and lives near Fairmont. No children.

Jasper Lee Miller (3-10-4), born January 13, 1879, married Lenna Belle Stewart, May 7, 1910. She died on the 26th of October, 1916. Children: (1) Fred D. Warren; and (2) Harry Lee.

Henry Columbus Miller (3-10-5), born April 1, 1881, married Mar­guerite Cross, daughter of Jerry Cross, April 14, 1905, and lives at Tunnelton, West Virginia. Children: (1) Emma Ruth; (2) Nellie Marie; and (3) Harold Henry.

Emma Ruth Miller (3-10-5-1), born January 19, 1907, married a Parrack and lives at Kingwood.

Marion Shelby Miller (3-10-6), born September 13, 1883, married Orie Sadie Hardesty, daughter of William L. Hardesty, and lives near Fair­mont on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Pauline Hardesty; (2) Marion Edison; (3) Doris Virginia; (4) Velma Margaret; (5) Eugenia Claire, died in infancy; (6) Wilma Delores; (7) William L.; and <8> Carol Jean.

Pauline Hardesty Miller (3-10-6-1), born August 19, 1907, married Fred Phillips, son of George Phillips, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Jacqueline Jeanne; (2) Mikuel Ann; and (3) George Frederick.

Doris Virginia Miller (3-10-6-3), born March 27, 1911, married How­ard Kaecher, lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has one child, Lois Virginia.

Velma Margaret Miller (3-10-6-4), born June 15, 1913, married Wil­liam Calvin Sandy, son of Arch F. Sandy, November 26, 1932, lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 1, and has one child, Mary Sue. (See 2-3-3-2-1 in Chapter VIII.)

2 SARAH FLEMING was born on the 13th of August, 1798. She married John Span Conaway, son of John Conaway, March 10, 1820, and lived near Fairmont. She died on the 24th of December, 1834 [of childbirth fever after delivering her youngest son John Coleman, and is buried in the Fleming Memorial Presbyterian Cemetery] ; her husband, on the 16th of October, 1868. [He is buried in the Conaway Cemetery in Fairmont along with his second wife. He remarried in 1836 to Hannah Randall and they had 3 other children, Elizabeth, Martin V. and Nancy]. Children: (1) Edmund Macauley; (2) Andrew Fleming; (3) Nathan P.; (4) Grafton Stump; (5) John Coleman; and (6) Lydia Ann. [Brand has the order wrong, Lydia was born after Nathan and before Grafton]

Edmund Macaulay Conaway (4-1), born September 24, 1821 [reputedy the first child born in the new town of Middleton, later Fairmont] , married Lydia S. Clelland, daughter of Patrick Clelland [and Priscilla Nichols], March 31, 1853, and lived at Barrackville. [Edmond’s grandfather, John Span Conaway, was a Revolutionary War soldier, an Indian Spy with McCall’s Rangers, and a long hunter, often gone into the Ohio country on exploring and hunting trips, and to bring back salt from the licks] His wife was born on the 2nd of December, 1831, and died on the 21st of October, 1897. He died on the 24th of Septem­ber, 1880 [His birthday, oddly enough]. [They are both buried in Monumental Cemetery]. Children: (1) Eli C., died in childhood; (2) Charles Coleman; (3) Sarah P.; (4) Thomas Dunn; (5) Nathan Fleming; (6) Robert Lee; (7) Eliza Ann; <8> Isabel M.; and (9) John Basil.

Charles Coleman Conaway (4-1-2), born June 24, 1855, married Mary Virginia Sturm, daughter of Charles “Chase” Sturm [and Nancy Drusilla McDougal], September 11, 1879, and lived near Barrackville. He died on the 14th day of September, 1915; his wife, on the 19th day of November, 1924 [of diabetic shock]. [Both are buried in Monumental Cemetery] Children: (1) Grace Golden, born June 23, 1880, died single on the 5th day of May, 1928 [she drowned during an epileptic seizure];


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  1. I am the daughter of Harry E Fleming (3-3-6-1-2) son of Edward Chamberlain Fleming. My father recently turned 95 years old and is still in good health. I would be interested in any pictures that family members may have of my father or his immediate family,or any family history info. Contact me at

    Comment by Susan Fleming | July 30, 2010 | Reply

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