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Getting Rich Quick


Yeah, yeah…already today I got seven of these stupid schemes in my e-mail. I don’t need, money, knowledge, credit or sweat to get rich quick! All I need to do is send in my measly twenty bucks, or $40 or $299 (available in three equal installments) or join the exclusive  “Library of Get Rich Quick Knowledge” for just $19.95 a month, automatically billed and I get to pick the minds of today’s interent billionaires, all of whom belong to said club! They have all the tools available – auto responders so I can junk up mailboxes just like they do, a growing library of “all rights” titles that I can re-sell easily from my armchair – in my undies, no less – with just a few finger pecks each morning. Then just sit back and let my affiliate commissions roll in! They’ll provide day by day email campaigns, a whole series of sleazy take-your-money come ons written by the TOP copywriters in America today! They’ll even provide (for $9.95 extra a month) web hosting, the web site, a store full of goodies, a how to of junk mail law circumvention, and if I reply NOW they’ll even toss in a slew of freebies worth $4000 were I to buy them seperately! WOW! This is even better than those eBay and e-Store infomercials clogging my nighttime cable viewing. I know these guys are telling the truth, too, because they included pictures of themselves sitting on a tropical beach sipping pina coladas with their laptops on their lap (naturally) obviously engrossed in raking in their fortunes, while buxom bikini clad babes cavort around them. You can even see their mansion high on the hill the background and the Maserati that they drove to the beach!  No Credit! No Experience! No Knowledge! No Sweat! All you need is that $20 bucks a month or whatever, plus delusions of a “free lunch”, a huge dose of naivete, and absolutely no integrity or sense of honesty and these ‘gurus’ will help you rip other dummies off just like they did to you!


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