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Blogging Ain’t Easy

One thing I’ve learned is this blogging thing can be time consuming at first. There is so much to learn and you know the saying – “Old dogs and new tricks”. Already I’ve decided to migrate the genealogy stuff to pages of their own rather than posts. I’m just concerned about pages’ limited tagging. I’ll try inserting Technorati tags through WLW. That leaves me with the need to come up with content on a regular basis that isn’t genealogy. Thankfully, I’m a windbaggy type of person. One blog I’ve found essential reading for a newbie like me is Lorelle’s. I added it to my blogroll but having her blog on call is like having a primer on how to use wordpress.

Last night we visited my daughter and husband in their new house. Beautiful! But I choked at the size of their payment. When I started out many, many moons ago, a big mortgage was 200 bucks. That bought you a helluva house. Now that won’t get you a trailer in the worst park in town. (And that should tell you just how many moons ago it was when I was young!)

Anyway, as the blog evolves, hopefully I find that elusive “niche” the blogmeisters preach about. Or maybe not. Laser-like focus is NOT my life’s strong suit. Were I a weapon I’d definitely be an open choke shotgun not a rifle. I just hope I don’t waste your time and mine shooting blanks…



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