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Christmas Poem:From Loss to Joy


Dixie Huffman Elledge, my wife, died suddenly of a heart attack on September 26, 2004. The holidays were very hard that first year after her death. It was empty knowing Dixie wasn’t there, our kids grown and gone onto their own lives, and that Russ and Amanda, my son and daughter-in-law, that I’d moved in with when Dixie died, were moving to Omaha after the first of the year. It made the Christmas season empty for the first time in my life…

Merry Christmas My Love

This season of joy

That fills the hearts of everyone else

Leaves me empty,

It threatens to destroy

What sanity I have left –

There are sons and daughters

And grandchildren, too

But none of them removes the pain

I feel when I think of you

Lying beneath the shriveled grass.

I am the one who cries

While the rest of the world laughs,

Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas, my love.

Dec 24/2004

Christmas was hard that year, but family was close, and as harsh as it sounds sometimes, life goes on. In my heart I knew Dixie didn’t want me languishing in grief, but looking to new challenges and as she used to say – “get on with it”. God has plans for each of us, and I started a new job in January which I threw myself into. It was there I met my present wife and partner and friend of friends, Renee, and my wonderful step-daughter Sadie Marie.


This was actually my first choice for a header for the template Word Press provides, but I decided it was a bit too busy maybe? Anyway, its lil’ Sadie, my baby girl. She likes to chew on grass as much as Grandpockets does. Grandpockets?

Well, I gave all the grandkids nicknames, Kolby became Koal Bucket, and Jaycee is Jay Cheese, Lucy is Loosey-Goosey, Nathan is Naytron, etc. And they started calling me Grandpockets. I do not know why. Because children are as silly as me? It’s not like I wear britches with overly large pockets and grand designs on being a walking closet or anything, but the name has stuck with me and now its as second nature as Chuck or Charles. Go ahead. Call me Grandpockets and I’ll answer. I like it better than Wrinkly, or Bald Top, or Stuffy-Old-Guy to name just a few they could have come up with.

So, if I have a message in this dash from sadness and grief to rebirth and joy, friends, it’s just this –

Hold your family close,

Tell em you love em


Tomorrow you might not have the chance.



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