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Deed of Edmund Conaway From Andrew McCray

Another plank in the Conaway house of biography, this time a deed from Andrew McCray to his cousin Edmund M. Conaway made in 1865.

Andrew McCray & Wife

Ed. M. Conaway                        : Deed

This deed made the 2d day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. between Andrew McCray and Sarah his wife of Marion County and State of West Virginia of the first part and Edmond M. Conaway of the same County and state as aforesaid of the second party. Witnesseth, That in consideration of the sum of three hundred and sixty dollars, two hundred paid in hand the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and ninety two dollars and fifty cents part thereof to be paid to said McCray on the first day of April 1866 and Sixty Seven dollars and fifty cents ballance thereof to be paid on the first day of April 1866 to the order of Jesse Sharps…the said partys of the first part do grant unto the said partys of the second part all of a certain parcel of land situated on the waters of Finches Run in the County aforesaid adjoining lands with John Barrick and others and bounded as follows, Beginning at pointer’s corner of Levi Hunter and E. M. Conaway running with said Conaways line crossing said line to a Shugar stump thence running on a westerly direction to a crabtree corner in said Conaways line thence with the fence enclosing said lot on South East course to a stake in a drain. thence to a Mulberry. thence to a Elm corner of John Barrick thence with said Barricks line to the beginning containing Seven acres more or less together with all and every of the appurtenances and privileges thereunto in every manner belonging. and the said partys of the first part as covenant and with the said party of the second part that they have good right and title to the above described property and that they will warrant generally the above described property except as against the above unpaid purchase money to secure the payment of which and as a part of this deed a lien is hereby retained on the said property. Witness the following signatures and seals.

Andrew McCray (seal)

Sarah McCray  (seal)

Deed Book 14 Page 180-181 Marion County Courthouse

As a note, it was 1865 and the War wasn’t completely done. The deed required Federal Revenue stamps at a total of $1 before it was accepted for recording on 25 May 1865. It was one of the ways the Union paid for the war. Andrew was a cousin through his father’s marriage to Margaret Fleming, another of the links that wound tightly through families in eastern West Virginia tying them all into a huge familial knot.


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